Month: April 2019

Don’t be fooled by the labelling….

So checking out the competition and I noticed that a large high end, high street retailer that sells food and clothing has a ‘houmous’ on their shelf that is ‘with extra virgin olive oil’…. Out of 10 ingredients the second ingredient is the much cheaper rapeseed oil with extra virgin […]

About our hummus

Our hummus is made from scratch, with slow cooked chickpeas and fresh ingredients where possible, we leave the skins intact on the peas to ensure natural fibre remains in the product and the slow cooking process gives a creamier finish to the hummus.   Most of our products have little […]

Welcome to our site

Kohlrabi, one of the first vegetables I cooked with as a proper chef. A strange yet awesome vegetable which is seldom seen outside of farm shops and allotments. Also strange is the fact that although I chose ‘Kohlrabi’ as the company name, I’m actually producing hummus ….. That’s life…. and […]