Author: Iain

Tarte Tatin

It’s a perfect time of year for a warm, sweet dessert to follow a hearty warming main course and I recently had the good fortune to get some lovely russet apples from our neighbour. The recipe is vegetarian and gluten free but could easily be adapted to suit vegans, changing […]

Burger heaven…..

Now this is a tasty burger. The combination of the quinoa and black beans also give it a great texture which isn’t unlike the beef versions. The egg replacer also helps to keep the patty firm as many vegan/veggie burgers can be quite dry.

Lockdown Update

So looks like things are going to be eased in England. I have decided to keep up the Saturday deliveries going forwards as I’d like to maintain the new customers that have been ordering for the last few weeks. No news on markets yet but they don’t put big bucks […]

Lockdown post….

So, we have no markets planned, none are currently operating that we usually attend…. We are cooking on Fridays still and you can buy from the site…. Lots of our friends who attend markets are still cooking and delivering but to their own specific areas…. Not sure how things are […]