Don’t be fooled by the labelling….

So checking out the competition and I noticed that a large high end, high street retailer that sells food and clothing has a ‘houmous’ on their shelf that is ‘with extra virgin olive oil’….

Out of 10 ingredients the second ingredient is the much cheaper rapeseed oil with extra virgin olive oil being in eighth place…. in the small print it confesses olive oil…. 2.5%.

Now I’ve not checked the legals, and I’m sure this large chain won’t have fallen foul of any  food trading laws with the kind of legal power that they can afford but is it not a shade underhanded….?

The labelling gives you a feel of using much more expensive ingredients but when you check you find that this is not the case…..

Update May 2020 – When we started we had hoped to use wholly extra virgin olive oil and did so up until recently, with the recent issues with both Brexit and Corona virus it has become much easier to buy our oil from UK farmers. We now buy our oil from Borderfield who source from UK grown oil producers.

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  1. This is fairly typical of commercial products. Anything mass produced in factories, rather than kitchens, tends to be going for volume and profit above taste, provenance and credibility.

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